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Faire la Connaissance Use faire la connaissance when talking about meeting someone for the first time. There are two slightly different contructions: 1 Faire la connaissance de plus a noun or name: As-tu fait la connaissance de mon frère? Have you met my brother?

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Je vais enfin faire la connaissance de Jean-Paul. I'm finally going to meet Jean-Paul.

  • Cette déclaration concluait parfaitement cette rencontre extraordinaire.
  • Кое-что она, конечно, улавливала, но отнюдь не .
  • Сами скажут.
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  • Еще один вопрос о наших октопауках-экспертах, - проговорил Макс, отпивая квазикофе.
  • rencontre - Translation into English - examples French | Reverso Context

I'm delighted to meet you. Connais-tu Sylvie? J'ai fait sa connaissance hier. Do you know Sylvie?

Translation of "rencontre" in English

I met her yesterday. Se Réunir Literally "to reunite with each other," se réunir means "to meet with others at a meeting": Nous nous réunirons à midi.

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We'll meet at noon. Where are you going to meet? Where's the meeting?

flirter les limites

I'll meet you at the restaurant. When is he going to meet join us?

I ran into your sister in town. J'espère ne pas rencontrer mon ex ce soir. I hope I don't run into my ex tonight.

rencontre ds le nord

You'll need to consult a French dictionary for those. Author, Staff. Five French Verbs: To Meet.

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