Dialogue entre deux personnes qui se rencontre en anglais.

Exemples de dialogues en anglais

Doctor: Can you hear me?

Nos 5 exemples de dialogue en anglais

I see a person. Doctor: Hello! How are you? Doctor: I see. What is wrong with me?

Doctor: Sir, I think you have amnesia. You hit your head…? In America? Doctor: Yes, in the United States of America! Doctor: I have no idea, but I can hear that English is not your first language. Where are you from? And my head hurts… May I have a drink, please?

Traduction de "dialogue entre deux personnes" en anglais

Doctor: Here is a glass of water and some Aspirin. I drink the glass of water. I am scared. I do not remember anything, not even my name.

Guide de conversation en anglais – L’essentiel pour se présenter

Doctor: Yes, this is a big problem. But I have an idea. There are some papers and keys in your pockets.

You are also wearing expensive clothes.

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Maybe you have an important job. Look at this piece of paper, maybe it can help you remember something. I look at it.

Comment se présenter en anglais ? Dialogue type 1ère rencontre

There is an address in New York. The doctor gives me the keys.

Exemple de conversation orale en anglais

I am scared, and I also start to get angry. You are thinking about money right now?

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My head hurts a lot, I am alone, I am not in my country, and I cannot remember anything! You do not understand. A ta rencontre film Yes, I can imagine. We want to help you.

Guide de conversation en anglais pour débutants au travail

I want to go to the address on this piece of paper. I need to find a friend or a family member. So tomorrow morning, I can ask someone to go with you dialogue entre deux personnes qui se rencontre en anglais this address.

I really want to remember everything and find my family tomorrow. Doctor: Yes, we hope so, too.

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OK, now you need to sleep. Tomorrow is a big day for you. Doctor: So, goodnight. Pourquoi devez-vous écouter ces conversations? Dans ce cas, comment faire pour lire correctement un texte en anglais si vous ne connaissez même pas ces sons?

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